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STEMI 305 Model

STEMI 305 Model (from Carl Zeiss)

Categories: Imaging Solutions, Stereo Zoom Microscopes

STEMI 305 is a Trinocular Stereo Zoom microscope from Cael Zeiss. STEMI 305 provides high quality images, with a field of view of up to 40 mm.

  • High performace optics with brilliant sharp distortion free and high resolution images
  • Zoom ration 5:1
  • Magnitifation from 8X to 40X
  • Engageable click stop Zoom possitions for reproducible measurements
  • C Mount Adapter
  • C Mount objectives 0.5Xc
  • Reduction lens
  • LED reflected (TOP ring light for better shadowless illumination)
  • Greenough system
  • Manually operable zoom 5:1 (0.8x...4.0x) on both sides
  • Fixed zoom click stops 0.8x-1x-2x-3x-4x
  • Free working distance 110 mm
  • Viewing angle 45° with adjustable interocular distance 55...75 mm
  • Eyepieces 10x/23 Br. foc.
  • Stand K MAT
    • Column 250 mm with drive and handle, lifting range 145 mm
    • Stemi mount d=76 mm, load capacity 5 Kg, adjustable friction
    • RL control for on/off/dimming
    • ESD protection feature: Antistatic surface, grounding socket
    • Integrated power unit 12V DC 24W/100...240V AC/50...60Hz
    • B/W plastic plate D=84x5 mm
    • Dust cover
    • Ring Illuminator

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