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Special Purpose Gauge

Special Purpose Gauge

Categories: Coating Thickness Gages

PHYNIX coating thickness gauges form the bases for completion of complex measurement tasks, which exceed usual coating thickness measurements. The measuring of rubber thickness over a steel mesh is a main focus of these applications. Information about the rubber thickness is of great interest in the tyre industry (production, retreading, accident analysis) as well as in operating conveyor belt systems (maintenance, repair).

  • Measurement of car tyres
  • Measurement of steel cord conveyor belts
Car tyre gauges

For a safe assessment of the car tyre durability, during the process of production, in follow-up inspections, in constant-wear tests or with accident tyres the knowledge about the rubber thickness at various positions of the tyre is of great importance. Of great interest is the rubber thickness to the steel mesh, the tread and under-tread thickness, the thickness inside under the tread, interior and exterior surface in the flank area as well as the rubber thickness on the beads.

The handy coating thickness gauge Surfix® Pro S-CT provides for within seconds precise measurement rubber thickness at all important positions of the tyre. The device uses the magnetic inductive principle according to DIN EN ISO 2178 and measures the distance of the probe to the steel mesh.

Application areas
  • Quality control in car tyre production
  • Follow-up inspections after constant wear tests
  • Measuring of rubber thickness e.g. in evaluation of accident tyres
Measurement of steel cord conveyor belts

During the transport, processing and storage of cargo and bulk material often undesired abrasions on means of transportation, processing facilities and containers occur. To minimize this abrasion or to protect valuable transport goods, abrasion protection linings e.g. made of rubber, plastic (polyethylene, PTFE), polyurethane or polyurea are applied to prevent abrasion of the base material.

Because abrasion protection linings wear off depending on the usage, the thickness of the protective coatings has to be measured on a regular basis. The reliable evaluation of the abrasion is of great importance to take early measures and protect facilities from more severe damages. The common standard procedures are destructive measurement methods, which can result in long facility downtimes and usually have to be performed by external service providers.

To increase the availability and durability of the facility PHYNIX developed the coating thickness gauge Surfix® Pro S-CT with the F30-C measuring probe, which in combination provides non-destructive, easy, fast, precise and with high repeatability coating thickness measurements of rubber or plastic on steel cord conveyor belts. Due to systematic documentation of the measured values and statistical evaluations maintenance operations of the facility can co-ordinately be performed.

Application areas
  • Mining industry
  • Sand and gravel extraction
  • Transport and storage of bulk material
  • Construction industry

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