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Rondcom Touch

Rondcom Touch

Categories: Zeiss- Industrial Quality Solutions, Roundness and Cylindricity

RONDCOM TOUCH is a compact Form Tester for Production. The system is ideal for self-tests directly in production. Thanks to its compact design, the form tester is suitable for any workbench.

The form tester features a movable X axis, allowing it to reach workpieces from all sides without difficulty. Another key benefit is the rotary table on air bearings that achieves extremely high rotational accuracy thanks to its excellent rigidity. In addition, the non-contact travel ensures measurement results that are totally uninfluenced by drive vibrations.

The software ACCTee PRO provides support in the semiautomatic alignment of the part. Just three touches of the touch screen suffice to receive a detailed measuring report. Alternatively, RONDCOM TOUCH can also be operated via a conventional desktop PC.

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