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OPTIZOOM Model (Standard model)

OPTIZOOM Model (Standard model)

Categories: Imaging Solutions, Stereo Zoom Microscopes

OPTIZOOM is our Standard Stereo Zoom Trinocular microscope which provides good image quality with a Field of View of up to 40 mm, This model has a column height of 300 mm, which can be extended as per the application need with additional column extensions.

  • Magnification 6.7 to 45X (field of view: 36mm – 2.1mm)
  • Auxiliary Lens 0.5x
  • C Mount adapter 0.5X
  • Zoom Range 0.67 - 4.5X
  • Eyepiece Wide field 10x (WFH10X)
  • Working Distance 100 mm
  • Inter pupillary Distance 54 mm to 76 mm
  • Stand Type Pillar style doevtail stand with clips
  • Incident Light LED Ring light
  • Accessories Rubber eye guards, Dust cover
  • Field of View close to 40 mm
  • Column Height 300 mm for OPTIZOOM PLUS
    250 mm for OPTIZOOM Model
  • Column height extendable Yes for OPTIZOOM PLUS Model

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